Thanks so much for everything! You took the pain out of being a landlord and you were a delight to work with. If you ever need a recommendation, don’t hesitate to send them our way. Thank you Erica!
~Evelyn & Roger

Erica is very relaxed, professional and accommodating. I immediately felt comfortable with Erica . Within a week she held an open house and 2 days later she sent me info on a person she felt would be a good match. She was right. I think she’s wonderful! I recommend her highly!

Owning a condo in Ballard and living out of the city. We rely on Erica Vincent to take care of all that an absent landlord would be resonsible for. She does so with a professional and personal touch. Thank you Erica.
~Karion & Paul

Kent Welsh with Elita Living found us a great home, after being extremely patient with us in our house search. We’re picky people, but he never pushed us or rushed us on any of our deliberating on whether to put an offer on a particular house. This was refreshing to us, after hearing lots of stories about realtors that want to do only the minimum in order to find someone a new home. My wife and I were very pleased at working with Kent, and would unconditionally recommend him. ~Tammy & Glen

As a new investment property owner, I thought managing a rental would be easy. I quickly learned the need for a professional handling the marketing and management of my property. Erica came through in many situations; she knows the market and also the specifics of residential facilities. I’ve explored and used other firms, but found Elita Living to be the best for my needs. -Kevin J.

Erica had helped me find good tenants and maintain a good communication with them regarding any issues related to the house. She is reliable and professional, and I’m very happy that I used her service. ~Ming Y

Elita is a great company. Every person there that I’ve ever worked with has been organized, professional, friendly, and efficient. They have been managing multiple rental houses for me for many years. They are a great buffer between me and the misc. headaches associated with my properties (eg, broken refrigerators, etc.). When they need me to make a key decision for one of my properties, they come to me and clearly present my options to me so that I can make a good decision. Additionally, whenever I have vacancies, they have always been able to immediately get new tenants into my houses right away. After all the years, I don’t think I’ve ever had more that 2 weeks of a vacancy in any of my 3 properties. ~Stewart