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Express Yourself!

Take advantage of Groupons! A chance to try something different at a discounted rate. Paint Nights’ are relaxing and  entertaining. The instructor will prop a picture of what you are going to be drawing that evening in front of the class and you are supposed to replicate it. Challenge on! Grab your paints, throw a brush in your hands, and get started. Your focus will TOTALLY change. C’est la vie to any thoughts of work you are having at the end of that day.
Not at all a self proclaimed artist I dove in and this is what I came up with! Have fun, life is too short to save anything for later.
Mind Unwind is a great place to start!


Attractive way to reroute water!

Ever wondered how to keep that water out of your basement? Having it flow into your yard or the neighbors isn’t the answer. Here’s an ingenious way to send it to the street and it looks great too!FB_IMG_1453274962101

Recycled Greenhouse

This creative small greenhouse was made from recycled goods. The bricks were in the dump as were the wood box frame pieces. The glass top is a recycled bay window! Start your “green” project here. Recognition goes to Trey Vincent for his creative innovation and his earth conscious ways. #Recycling#freeisbest#usefullife#virginplants#herbs#imagination#farmlif



The lack of diversity in Seattle and the growing gentrification is all too clear. The African American community wants to do something about it! In Seattle, African American income rates have dropped drastically and the Central District which was once occupied by mostly Blacks has been gentrified. The percentage of African American’s in the CD has dropped from 51% to 21% in the last twenty years. The city seems to be following this movement full throttle and it looks as though Seattle may be initiating a really powerful trend and statement if other cities follow suit! “Seattle has a chance to lead the nation in mitigating gentrification and realizing the principles of shared prosperity,” Garrett said. “When we’re our best, it benefits everyone.”



Seattleites and HALA have many ideas that they believe will help our affordable housing issues, some ideas are great, and some are not so great. One idea that is actually feasible, and already being executed in certain areas, is what is being called, “detached accessory dwelling units. (DADU’s)” They are single family cottages built on a property where there is already a home. More info on DADU’s here…

Looking to Travel?

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more, now is your time! According to, airlines are offering some of the lowest prices in a long time. CNN Money says, “In the first nine months of 2015 the four largest airlines in the United States saved over $11 billion collectively in fuel costs.” The lower fuel costs are allowing them to offer cheaper flights. Round trip tickets are 15% cheaper than they were in January of 2015. Where are you headed?

Truth or Myth; Requiring builders to designate a percentage of their projects to affordable housing will create more affordable housing.

If Seattle were to mandate affordable housing on new construction would we actually see more affordable housing on the market? Or would we see less building due to the constraints on builders ability to make the numbers work. What do you think? Here’s one economist’s view…

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