Did you know you can submit maintenance requests online?

Elita Living strives to offer well maintained homes.  In order to do that, we work closely as a team with the residents.

  • Ask yourself first, are you able to fix the issue yourself?  Have you taken steps to resolve the problem?  i.e..  checked breaker box, hit reset button on garbage disposal, plunged toilet, cleared sediment from faucet filter screen
  • If you have a break of some nature that causes non-stop flow of water please turn main water shut off valve off to avoid any further water coming into the home. The location may vary but it can be located in a garage, basement, crawl space and be hidden sometimes in a closet or elsewhere. Most likely it will be on the wall nearest to the street. The appropriate contractor will be contacted by Elita Living to service the problem.
  • We only pay for functional repairs.
  • Invoices will be the responsibility of resident(s) if repairs made were necessary because of  resident misuse.
  • For emergencies please contact (206) 323-0771