Step Away with Elita Living’s Services for Landlords

We at Elita Living will allow you the owner to relax and know that your property is being well managed. We accomplish this by implementing the following:

  1. We establish and maintain open communications with our residents and property owners. We encourage immediate reports of problems and respond promptly to resolve the issues.
  2. We work with honest, reliable, knowledgeable and cost effective contractors.

Elita Living specializes in the management of single family residences, individual condos, and buildings with 20 units or less.

Full Management

You just don’t have the time or do not want to be a landlord; we can handle the management for you. The monthly management fee is equivalent to 10% of the monthly gross rent. Services include:

  • Collect and deposit rents
  • Make owner’s monthly mortgage payments by Electronic Funds Transfer into personal bank account or directly to mortgage company
  • Pay Homeowner’s dues
  • Pay owner’s property taxes, insurance, mortgage etc.
  • Schedule necessary repairs, general maintenance and/or capital improvements and make payments to vendors
  • Perform periodic inspection of property to ensure upkeep and maintenance
  • Conduct move-out inspection of the property upon tenants vacating
  • Email/send easy to understand itemized monthly and year end statements
  • Serve legal notices if necessary

Leasing Service

The lease fee is equivalent to one month’s rent. Each additional 12 month tenancy to the existing tenant is equivalent to one-half month’s rent after interior inspection and renewal lease documents are completed. Services include:

  • Evaluate current market conditions to determine the rental value
  • Assist with rental preparation for your property to enhance its appeal. A fresh coat of paint and well-maintained flooring will go a long way in securing the right tenant. Think crisp and clean when you are preparing your home for rent
  • Conduct comprehensive tenant screening which includes obtaining credit and personal reference report, eviction history, employment and income verification and a criminal background check
  • Execute lease agreement and all additional legal documents/addendums to be signed by tenant and Property Manager
  • Collect first month’s rent, security deposits, pet deposit and any other applicable fees